God save the Green*

We are currently writing our communication plan. We are subdividing all our target groups into communities around Flex, Cloud computing, Info-visualization, BI, BPM, web design etc…AND GREEN COMPUTING!

We are really proud to run a green (computing) business. Principles are simple: it’s all about economic viability, social responsibility and environmental impact. Every company should choose cloud computing oriented solutions: it’s economical, safe and great for the environment: less power, less server cooling and no CD because everything you need is on the web or “on the cloud”.

We are not talking about a “vision” we had, we are talking about Sun, Google, Microsoft and others who are investing in “green data centers” to materialize the Green Dream. We want to be part of this computing “GreenDreamTeam”.

That’s great to read more and more stuff about “green” technology, “green” computing, “cloud” computing, huge data center “farms”… It sounds like oxymoron but it’s not new marketing tricks or puns to make you feel like neo-beatniks, that’s a reality. We are heading to this and the faster, the better so please rethink your IT policy and go forward with SAAS (and maybe Leo Di Caprio will pay attention to you, who knows??).

Take care, save the Green, go fast and go SAAS.

*See T-shirts sold by the French hype concept store Colette in Paris!

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