Go Green Go Cloud!

A recent study into the economic and environmental advantages of cloud computing has been conducted by the Carbon Disclosure Project, touting it "the IT Solution for the 21st Centrury". Focusing on a data set of 11 multi-national corporations (MNCs) across a range of different industries the project sought to calculate the potential impact of switching to a cloud infrastructure. After interviewing departments which had already implemented a cloud solution the report found that five advantages were common:

  • Improved time to market
  • Higher cost saving
  • Capex (up-front capital investment) to Opex (operational investment)
  • Flexibility
  • Automation
  • With the data from the 11 MNCs, an economic model was then built to show what the savings of implementing a cloud solution could be over 2,653 firms with revenues of $1billion or more operating in the US.

    They used this model to hypothetically forecast that the energy savings from implementing cloud could have a large economic impact for these firms, potentially saving $12.3billion annually by 2020.

    net savings green cloud computing

    Additionally the model forecasted that this would reduce carbon emissions by 85.7million metric tons per year by 2020, equivalent to the yearly emissions of 16.8million passenger vehicles.

    Model derived net CO2 savings cloud computing green

    The study is yet more proof that switching to a cloud solution not only makes economic sense but also means you are doing your bit for the planet!

    Source: cdproject.net