Geovisualization: Making Better Business Decisions [DASHBOARD]

Just about any industry sector can benefit from location intelligence. Financial, insurance, retail, communications, even governmental agencies can benefit from geographical information displays (e.g. through Google Maps) as they give you a real picture of 'where your data is'. Take the heatmap feature in Bime as an example.

The great thing about the heatmap is that it is not simply a pretty picture - hover over the heatpoints and you can bring up the detailed data lying behind them by clicking on it. This is particularly helpful when different areas of focus are close together, like on the dashboard below (click the image to access it). Use the drop down menu above the heatmap to enable the control menu. By clicking on "Rendering mode" you can switch between the heatmap or graduated circles view. You can filter your view by states by checking or unchecking the relevant boxes under "attributes" on the right. You can also filter by the measure (profit) by using the slider below the list of attributes.

Geographic data visualizations can help businesses answer fundamental questions, such as:

- What geographic area do we serve?

- Are our sales territories and client clusters properly aligned?

- What areas of potential clients might we have missed or overlooked?

Now we’ve discussed why an organization might need geocoding, but how does it make use of it? Here is one example of many.

Geocoding as a Marketing Tool

Many businesses use geomarketing to perform specific market/region data analysis for the purpose of making sound business decisions. Geomarketing allows businesses to analyze customers on digital maps, acquire valuable market data, and plan their next move, whether this be at a local, national, or global level. This enables organizations to better coordinate all of their domestic and international sales and marketing operations – for improved efficiency.

For marketers, these types of visualizations are critical for targeting demographics for customer profiling and for customizing marketing messages to a specific audience – based on the geographic location of potential customers.

Bime's geo visualization allows you to see where you are in the real world, quite literally, using the Bime functionality on top of Google Maps. We've been using this feature for a while now - just as a line graph is probably the most effective way of displaying time data, the heatmap is definitely the way to go for geographic data. With this, you can visualize where your staff, clients, suppliers, or any other facet of your business is concentrated. As we outlined above, this can do wonders for your organization, and equally importantly, keep you one step ahead of the competition.