Forrester Study: The 6 steps to negotiating a better BI deal [RESEARCH]

On the 14th November, Boris Evelson (pictured), senior analyst for Forrester Research, published a report for their clients entitled:

Six Steps To Negotiating A Better BI Deal – Use Forrester’s Approach To Help You Get More For Your Money”.

The report is summarized on the Forrester's website: "Many business intelligence (BI) vendors do not publish list prices. Some do not even provide list prices under a nondisclosure agreement to their customers and prospects. Plus, BI pricing and licensing models differ greatly from vendor to vendor, keeping many BI software buyers from having a frame of reference when evaluating proposals from BI vendors.

To help organizations know whether they are getting a good deal from their BI software provider, Forrester assembled a list of industry-average BI deal prices for typical small, mid-size, and large enterprise business scenarios. Extrapolate and adjust these averages to fit your deal specifics and then use them as the starting point for BI contract negotiations."

Bime was among 25 vendors interviewed and vendors were divided into 5 different categories including cloud BI (4 vendors in total including Bime). Here are a list of the BI vendors interviewed: Actuate, Altosoft, Attivio, Bime (We Are Cloud), Birst, Endeca, GoodData, IBM, Information Builders, JackBe, Jaspersoft, LogiXML, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, Pentaho, QlikTech, Quiterian, SAS, SpagoBI, Tableau Software, and Tibco Spotfire.

Boris Evelson especially liked the price transparency of the public cloud vendors, the most reactive of all the actors: a sign of the new wave of agile BI of these actors.

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