EuroCloud Report

The EuroCloud convention took place last Tuesday at the Center of Commerce in Paris. We Are Cloud were among the 6 shortlisted companies in their awards and the only BI representative.

Here are my notes on the convention and ceremony :

The best presentations :

Louis Naugès from Revevol SaaS consultancy, was due to speak at the New York Cloud Computing Expo, but was delivered to us by "volcanic intervention". He took the presentation spot of Bill MacNee, founder and CEO of Cloud Computing marketplace analysts Saugatuck, who was similarly stranded.

Jean-Louis Baffier (Director of Pre-Sales at Salesforce), gave a discourse on Security and SaaS packed with examples, evidence and client references - SaaS done properly is every bit as safe as on-premise solutions. The psychological barriers are the hardest to overcome.

Stéphane Claret (PDG : I really thought his speech was a highlight. His young start up offers an SaaS service to make the creation of online catalogues extremely easy. It is especially aimed at large commercial outlets and supermarkets, and impressively succeeded in persuading the CIO of Carrefour to switch the entire company to Firefox as their offering did not function in IE. His company does not even offer an SLA. Instead they give access to their historical levels of uptime/processing speed etc. As always, a great product lets you play by your own rules.

Interesting Encounters :

Maya Dan, responsible for the blog "SaaS and ASP Newsletter" and a member of the judging panel. She conceived and organised the event. Bravo for the initiative. The Eurocloud movement is looking likely to have grown to 25 countries by the end of the year.

Alexandre Lachman and Matthieu Hug of RunMyProcess. Great ambassadors for French SaaS who have rightly earned a strong reputation in the short existence of their company.

Developments in SaaS:

-The public cloud is growing much faster than private clouds, which have sprung up as a stepping stone for companies who are not ready to embrace the cloud fully.

-Contrary to popular belief, CTOs of large companies are more open to SaaS solutions than SMBs, which are traditionally assumed to be the main beneficiaries of SaaS. Why? Because the multinationals are under increasing pressure to cut costs and understand that their teams can be transformed into project managers for end-user functionality. In contrast many SMBs see the cloud as a replacement for having an IT team.

-Bill MacNee's study, available on the French Eurocloud site, suggests that BI is the second highest priority for CTOs looking at SaaS in the US, but only the 9th in Europe. This explains our high uptake in the US, despite being born in France!

The awards :

After being nominated onto the shortlist for the SaaS awards, unfortunately we did not take home the prize.

Congratulations to the winning company, MAFERME, who provide fantastic SaaS software to the farming community.