Day 2: The good surprise with Microsoft SDS

Yesterday, Microsoft annouced at Mix08 the pending launch of Sql Server Data services, a cloud db service roughly equivalent to amazon simple Db.

Let's say it is a huge news for us because it is a new confirmation of our business model.

Our initial vision was that the Information Technoloy (IT) is changing dramaticaly those days. It is becoming a ressource like water.

Let's take a closer look at the analogy of water. In the old time, all people got its own wells to gather rain waters. Then it was organized in order to mutualize the infrastructure : pipelines were built, big reservoirs and billing system to pay as you consume were created. Now we take for granted that when we open tap, water comes.

Information Technoloy (IT) is following the same path. First, each entreprise got its own servers. And then we organised : data centers were built, backbones were everywhere, billing systems were in place. At WE ARE CLOUD we take now for granted that the command line 'cap instance:start' will create a new server for us to use.

Nevertheless, I.T is a bit more complex than water because it can take many shapes (one can argue that water too). Inside the I.T ressource, you get a lot of subdivisions. Maybe we can organize them as services : CRM services (, ERP services (netsuites), RSS services (netvibes), text editor services (buzzword), spreadsheet services (google spreadsheets) ... Now, the database service will go on with at least 2 big players, Microsoft with sql server data services and Amazon with simple DB, and a lot of very interesting others :blist , dabledb , zohodb .

It will ask time to make the move. Companies will need to evolve to begin to put all their data in the cloud. But it will happen. Our ambition with 'Paperboy' is high : provide the ubiquitous top noch user interface for reporting from all these cloud databases.

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