Welcome to Davids

Within a week, we discovered two new competitors: Gooddata and Shouteureka. They are still in their Beta release.

To sum up, Gooddata offers BI on-demand through a collaborative BI platform. They store your data. Shouteureka offers an online Pivot table you can plug on GoogleSpreadsheet.
Our product Paperboy is at their crossroads even though we offer more: communautary consulting, better range of cloud databases, true Corporate Performance Management vision (with budgeting functionalities), information visualization culture, dashboard engine, printing support, time intelligence, slick and beautiful interface, kuler support, more visualizations, deep collaborative features, true client side olap database etc...

Actually, big BI vendors already offered On-demand BI, but they are still stuck to their traditional BI model. They still lack of agility. That's why we are -paradoxically- not afraid of their product. We are different. We are agile and we are only "cloud computing" oriented. We want to design a BI solution which can connect to EVERY cloud databases. We love the idea that David can fight Goliath.

What about fighting spirit when a new "David" joins the team? Is-it good or bad news? Actually we are happy because the more we are to spread the word about On-demand BI, the more businesses will be aware of it. We (all Davids and Goliaths) are all heading for On-demand BI democratization. This only matters. When Panorama announced it was able to power Google apps with Business Intelligence (pivot table online with Google Spreadsheets), people and businesses learnt more about cloud computing possibilities and software ending. They discovered it was now possible to store data in the cloud and to use web-hosted applications to perform businesses: without hardware nor software.

So welcome to our new competitors. And long life to On-demand BI.