Data Visualization: Education, Some Analytics About American SATs [DASHBOARD]

Industry: Class size and quality of education per US state, including data on average SAT scores, and the percentage of graduates taking SAT.

For who: governments, education industry workers, NFP organizations

Data source(s): FlowingData blog. (See sources here)

Viewing tip: Make the dashboard fullscreen by clicking the "Fullscreen" button in the bottom left hand corner of the dashboard.

We are going to participate in this competition organized by the FlowingData blog.

Don't forget to check out our other example dashboards in the showcase section.

We chose our last Bubble graph visualization to show the correlation between class size & the quality of education...more colors are coming soon!

We also wanted to highlight the average SAT score (critical reading+mathematics+writing) versus the percentage of graduates taking SAT. Differences are obvious: have a look at Nevada and North Carolina. For the same SAT score, it seems that more students want to go to College in North Carolina.

Our Heatmap is also a good example of graduates taking SAT: East Coast is shining!

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