Data Visualization & BI: Next couple of the year?

I recently read Linda Briggs' article about "Making Data Meaningful with Visualization" (TDWI).

She interviewed Andrew Cardno about Data Visualization. Data Visualization is presented as: "a technique beginning to be used in business intelligence in which thousands or even millions of pieces of information can be summarized in a single data-rich display".

On the one hand, I was glad to read a full article dedicated to DataVis (by the way, you don't need millions of data to apply datavis Principles).

On the other hand, I thought that some traditionnal BI tools were doing poor Datavis because they applied wrong visualization principles...but I realize now that Datavis was not considered at all, whereas you can't make decisions without a good display of evidence.

Now and because BI vendors need to find new marketing ideas, I am sure Datavis will have a brilliant future in commercial speeches.

I am particularly proud to say that Datavis has always been inherent to Bime's development and considered as "minimum required".

At We Are Cloud, we bet on the trio: DataVisualization, Business Intelligence & Interactivity!

I am anxious to show you our next release, focused ONLY on Datavis improvements!

Have a nice week end.