Dashboard edition: week one

Today, we have updated the service with an improved pivot table:

* you can now drop any measure on the pivot table and get an aggregated value of the measure on all the dimensions. It also removes the previous limitation on monitor to display only query with an attribute on rows.

* you can now Multi filter all your axes (slicer, row and column).

We have also improved the time dimension:

* Before we displayed the month index ( 1, 2...) now you will get the full month name ( January, February...)

* we added the weekday in the dimension. Very useful to get an analysis of your activity across weeks.

Manage online your online empire.

We added a first version of our google analytics data source. This is huge because it will allow you to follow your site's traffic in the same place as your other data sources. All your analytical need in one place!

All these improvements are unobtrusive. You will only be able to do more.