Who are our customers / what value do we bring to us ?

I wanted to clarify one pretty important point that I think we haven't explained well enough in our recent presentations : why is our service useful to you ? Well, it depends who you are. So let's say you are an organization and...

1) you haven't made any investment in analytical software, you don't know what MS Excel is, and until now you could run your business with a notepad, but either information is becoming overwhelming or you want to take a leap forward in your management.

=> we give you methodology and tools to structure the way you run your business.

2) you have Ms Excel and one of your co worker is dedicated (sacrificed?) to resynchronize and analyze all the files spread across the organization.

=> Paperboy bime will bring you from several versions of the truth to one version of the truth...without the pain and cost of a long business intelligence project and a lot of added value (keep reading...).

3) you are well equipped in BI but you must wait for 6 months to have a new report.

=> Do it yourself ! It is all about agility : get a distributed and collaborative reporting, analysing and budgeting solution, in minutes, that requires no technical knowledge or infrastructure.

4) you are well equipped with BI but you don't have a budgeting software.

=> You can use Paperboy for budgeting while keeping to leverage your existing investment in on premise technologies such as Microsoft Analysis Services.

5) you are well equipped with BI but you feel ready to go to the next level and work with distributed data sources because you are scared to store data on premise or you want to access your data at any place, any time.

=> Paperboy supports all the major Cloud Databases of the market. You need a special data source ? We'll build a bridge for you.

6) you are well equipped with BI but you want to publish stunning dashboards across the web, secure them and measure the audience.

=> Paperboy will just do that.

7) you base all your information system on cloud services : you use google apps for your office needs, salesforce.com for managing your sales operation or amazon web services to host your servers...

=> Paperboy is just the next step to get a complete picture of an enterprise information system fueled with online services : by adding a business intelligence brick.

8 ) you are a software provider and you want to give an analytic module to your client. => Expose your data model through a web interface and give your clients access to Paperboy. Get a true analytical module for (almost) free.

9) you are a geek and you want an easy way to experiment with cloud databases. You want to evaluate distributed databases but you don't have the basic tooling to exploit them.

=> Upload and report from all the cloud DB out there.

We will use this segmentation as a basis in our future presentations. Let us know if you think we missed something.