Data Visualization: College Rank Vs. Tuition [DASHBOARD]

Take a look at this Bime dashboard comparing data about college rankings and tuition costs.

The first visualization demonstrates each college's 'score' (on a scale from 1-100, 100 being the highest score attainable) (red) against the cost of tuition at that college (yellow). We used the new dual axis feature to display both measures but on different axes. Use the zoomchart below the main chart to examine points more closely.

The second shows scores for all colleges where tuition is 20,000USD or less. The trend lines show that even though there is a large gap between the top and the bottom college in terms of score, there is not a huge discrepancy when it comes to tuition fees. This could be useful if, for example, you wanted to choose the best college possible with a tuition budget of 20,000USD.

The third chart, the line chart, displays fall 2009 acceptance rate vs. score per college. You can see that generally, as score increases, the rate of acceptance decreases.

The heatmap visualization shows the 10 most expensive tuition colleges. Displayed inside the circle is the cost of tuition. You can see that a lot of the expensive colleges are gathered in the north east.

The grid simply lists all the colleges in order of score (highest first). I put acceptance rate on the size measure so the acceptance rate is demonstrated via the blue bar. As you move down the list you'll see the blue bar (generally) grow.


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