Cloud news #1: definitions, animoto, benchmark of SDB, future of BI...

One of the best definition of "cloud computing" you can find on the web

Build on compute and storage virtualization technologies and leveraging the modern Web, cloud computing provides scalable and affordable compute utilities as on demand services with variable pricing schemes, enabling a new consumer mass market.

A lot more in this presentation from FZI

The story of animoto

Within one week's time, we grew from 25,000 users to 700,000 users. In order to support that kind of rapid growth, the number of servers required to create these Animoto videos scaled from 50 to 5,000 in the same period.

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SimpleDb Benchmark

Comparing Cloud Db performance: a major work from Oakleaf systems. Congratulation.

Cool business intelligence: Rich interfaces, in-memory analytics, and social networking

Cindi Howson from IntelligentEntreprise writes about the latest innovations on the business intelligence market. It seems she read in our minds. I can't think of a better way than his article to express what we are trying to achieve with bime. Next some highlights, but please read this article.

Rich interface because:

Embrace rich reportlets and interfaces for their capability to make BI engaging to existing users and more appealing to new classes of users.

In memory Analytics (once loaded):

In-memory means super fast — a million times faster than accessing the same data from a disk.

By having all the data in-memory and displayed in this associative way, the analysis is more visual and can be executed at the speed of thought.

Web 2.0:

Mashups offer BI developers a faster way of combining data and displays from multiple sources.

It seems we score 3 out of 3 in a single product.

(Bonus) Software as a Service:

With a tight economy and limited IT resources, SaaS solutions offer departments and smaller companies a way to get into BI quickly, with pay-as-you-go pricing.