Cloud BI Loud in Recent Tweet Jam

Recently, July 29th, Brian Hopkins (@practicingEA) a principal analyst with Forrester Research hosted a Tweet Jam (hash tag #forrtttj) based around these 10 hot technology topics, identified from a previous survey.

Top 10 Topics from Forrester’s Report

  1. Business intelligence to include predictive analytics, data mining, content and embedded analytics, big data
  2. Mobile applications
  3. Application platforms including software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service
  4. Master data management and data governance
  5. Application integration (transactional, batch, real-time, event-driven, web services, etc.)
  6. Infrastructure-as-a-service, including public, private and hybrid cloud
  7. Mobile platforms
  8. Collaboration and social platforms- internal to your company
  9. Collaboration and social platforms- with external entities such as customers
  10. Business process modeling, management and automation platforms

Brian then dissected this chat traffic and through his blog, created an informative graph showing the buzzwords and most popular topics discussed. Why is this of interest to us at We Are Cloud you may ask? Well because Cloud and Business Intelligence were two of the hottest topics at the event.

Tweet Jam Hot Topics and tweeters

Here are a few of the key BI and Cloud tweets:

  • @Brett2point0: @practicingEA ' #Cloud -based BI has significantly cut the costs associated with traditional #BI
  • @bevelson: Hey, #businessintelligence is the top trend. End of story :-) #forrtttj
  • @markdigi99: i think cloud, mobile & social will lead to companies doing EA without even knowing it. #forrtttj #entarch

Forrester Research is currently in the process of writing its annual report on “The Top 15 Trends Enterprise Architechts should watch”. At We Are Cloud we are very excited about the amount of current noise on BI and Cloud, and more generally the move away from traditional BI, towards lighter, sleeker cloud solutions such as Bime.To see why there is so much buzz around cloud BI at the moment take a free 10 day trial of Bime (no credit card required). Viva la BI Revolution!

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