Which Business Intelligence is delivering real business value?

I found an interesting discussion on the TDWI LinkedIn group (The Data Warehousing Institute).

Question was: “What emerging technologies are you tracking? Which do you think offer the most potential to deliver real business value?”

Suggestions were listed below:

Self-service BI / Analytic databases / Operational BI (right time data delivery) / Text analytics / BI search / Predictive analytics / Visual discovery (via in-memory databases) / Dashboards / Scorecards / Data federation / Packaged analytic applications / BI mashups / BI Competency Centers / Mobile BI

I really like this sum up by Boris Litvin. According to him, BI 2.0 delivers real business value and should offer:

True self-service / Business users independence from IT / Ability to produce results in imperfect environment where data is not 100% clean / High success rate (unlike BI 1.0) and become MUCH cheaper”

But as Shubho Ghosal said: “the challenge is how to demonstrate the business value of each, before the investment is made!”.

Things are moving fast in the BI world and I am glad to see that concerns are more about users’expectations than before, where BI addressed first IT guys, then operational users.

I was also really proud to check the following boxes for Bime: true self-service, operational BI, visual discovery, dashboards, independence from IT, results in imperfect environment, cheaper, mobile BI with a full web access , high success rate (first you check the business value by yourself and for free, then you pay) …and soon: packaged analytic applications, score cards, predictive analytics!