Business Intelligence definitions: great brainstorm from Linkedin

I am part of the "Business Intelligence Professionals" group on LinkedIn. There are more than 20 000 members.

This group has been created by Rajasekar Nonburaj. An interesting question is currently creating a great brainstorm:

How would YOU explain the concept of Business Intelligence to someone? Here are my favorite answers...and I only pasted the shortest...

"Business Intelligence is providing anyone who touches an organization(employees, partners, customer, etc.)with the information they need to make better decisions than they would if they were provided with just the raw data". By Dan Grady

"Here's my very direct one-sentence answer: BI makes meaningless data meaningful." By Joe Caparula

"My one-sentence definition : BI helps people make decisions based on fact instead of gut feeling". By Pasi Norrbacka.

"After 20 years of explaining BI to non-experts, I've settled on simply (1) saying it's just another term for reporting and analysis and (2) giving an example from that person's industry or life. BI Questions Blog:". By Timo Elliott.

"I was in a meeting a number of years ago, and an IT director explained his thoughts on how he defined his BI... it was rather simple "Adam..if it moves, measure it". By Adam Wicks.

"BI is about telling the truth about where you are, so you can plan better where you are going.". By Chris Fisher.

"BI means the ability to get the data I need from the data I have...". By Ravi Joshi.

What about your definition?