I like this Business Intelligence definition!

The "Business Intelligence Professionals" group on LinkedIn is very active. To the question: "How would YOU explain the concept of Business Intelligence to someone", I would like to highlight this one from Dean Hollingsworth.

For him:

"Collecting Data and storing it is a science. Business Intelligence is an Art.

Business Intelligence is analogous to Military Intelligence.

A General will gather as much information as possible, troop numbers, terrain, weather conditions, supply lines etc. He will then cross reference this information to form a strategy, the object of which is to gain maximum advantage.

Once the strategy is put into action, he must then be able to react as quickly as possible to changing fortunes, in order to reduce cost to his resources.

The most successful Generals are not those who have the most information, they are those who know what to respond to and what to ignore, who understand the difference between tactics and strategy and who can implement both at the same time and most important of all, who understand that the first casualty of any battle is the original plan.

It is not survival of the fittest, but the fittest to adapt who survive and flourish".