Number of Chrome Users Continue To Increase - A Visualization Of Popular Web Browsers [DASHBOARD]

According to web metrics firm StatCounter, Google Chrome overtook Mozilla Firefox last month as the second most popular web browser in the UK. Internet Explorer (IE) is still the clear market leader with 42% although this dominance in the market is helped by the fact IE comes pre-installed on most new UK computers. Nevertheless the rise of Chrome has been impressive considering it only launched 3 years ago.

Similarly worldwide Chrome is increasingly popular. Currently it is still the third most used browser with 22% of the market, behind IE (42%) and Firefox (28%) but experts predict this too will soon change and it won’t be long before Chrome users exceed the number of Firefox users worldwide and continuing at this rate, Chrome may even be setting its sights on IE.

A slight anomaly to this overall worldwide trend appears to be looking at Europe as a whole, where Firefox is almost as popular as IE and Chrome is currently the third most popular browser by some distance.

We were able to visualize some of this data using Bime and have included data on which web browsers our own visitors to the website use; to enjoy click the image below!

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Dashboard overview web browser data