Branding Your Dashboard [BIME TIP]

One of the best things about Bime is that it gives you a full range of customization options for your dashboards. The options are numerous - you can customize to such a degree that your dashboard will look as if it was designed in-house.

By using company logos, colors and text you can essentially "brand" your dashboard in line with your corporate identity. A brand is a company's face to the world. Your logo is only one piece of your branding strategy, but is an important one that can be incorporated into your Bime dashboard.

This said, you don't have to change anything you don't want to - Bime will build your dashboard using our neutral dashboard default settings and colors so you can customize your work at your leisure.

Let's quickly run through some of the popular customizations you can do.

1. Add image

One of the most popular and most useful options is the ability to upload image files directly to your dashboard. A great example of this would be your company logo. If you are presenting data for a client, look professional by embedding their logo into the dashboard.

add image

2. Customize border definitions

The little pen icon in the corner of each window in your dashboard allows you to customize your widget borders. You can change the color of the borders and headers, as well as font size and spacing. Even hide borders or headers if you need to.

Customize border definitions

3. Add text

Got a company slogan? Want to add explanatory text? Need to add additional notes? Bime offers the option to add a text window - that comes with rich text formatting features.

Add text

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