Bime's 1000th Subscriber is TFC! [TESTIMONIAL]

First full blown Bime implementation in The Netherlands at TFC

About TFC | Matching Capabilities

TFC is an experienced, proactive and involved company that has been bringing together professionals and clients for years, matching their personal and business expertise. We have the strong conviction that our clients deserve professionals who best match their assignment(s) and company goals. Like our professionals deserve assignments that best match their desires, capabilities and career. That is what we call ''Matching Capabilities''. See

About Bime and KJP Consultants

Bime | Business Intelligence Made Easy is an award winning SaaS service delivered by the French company We Are Cloud ltd. Bime is a user-friendly yet powerful service to connect and analyze data in any organization. Bime offers fast business analytics and data visualization capabilities that are simple, effective and affordable. For more information, please visit

KJP Consultants is specialised in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management. KJP Consultants sells, implements and supports Bime for the Benelux. See

An interview with Walter de Leeuw, owner of TFC Netherlands:-

What were your needs when you chose Bime™?

“I wanted keep more track of my business, needed more insight. In short, I wanted to convert my data (I already had a lot of data) to information, analyse that and then take steps to improve my business. Bime is a beautiful business intelligence solution to do that. It gives you a clear view, whereas otherwise you have the feeling you are in the dark. It also forces you to look at your processes and streamline them: it gives you direct insight into certain activities that have no added value.”

How has Bime™ responded to these needs?

“Bime Benelux implemented Bime very quickly, within a month. That was perfect for me. Also there are no assumptions, it is right into your face. So it makes certain subjects very clear. Since a lot of people think visually, Bime really helps them to analyse and take the apppropiate action. Also it is like "storytelling": you can tell a story by looking at my Bime dashboards because I see what is going on. We implemented it both for management and employees. So the employees have their own dashboard, that helps them to steer their actions themselves. Because it gives them insight intowhat they are doing, what their results are. In the end it confirms to them that they are doing things in the right way. I think Bime is a real powerful and user friendly solution, especially for SMEs up to 500 employees.”

What level of added value has Bime™ brought to your job / your business?

“It made my organisation more scalable, effective and efficient. In fact it is the implementation of a lean project we did last year. It makes you aware and give you focus. And that is what I wanted. You can also say it gives the management and employees more rest. Because you can ask people certain things ten times, but now you can see the result yourself. And you should not pull out something that's growing (changing) ten times a month, to check wether it already has roots. When you are able to look at it from a distance, that is better. It enhances my span of control and gives me the opportunity to grow without adding new managers.”

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