Bime Wins Eurocloud Prize of Best French Start Up of The Year [AWARD]

We are very proud to announce that yesterday BIME was chosen as Best French Start Up of The Year in the 2011 Eurocloud SaaS and Cloud Computing Awards! :)

This year there were 51 participants in the competition, and Bime was entered in the "Best Start Up" category alongside 11 other French Start Ups. RunMyProcess won the Best Cloud Solution, PageOnDemand won Best Private Sector Use Case, and Cedig and Oodrive won Best Public Sector Use Case. The jury was made up of 15 independent and recognized figures in the Cloud Computing industry.

Well done to the other finalists (in the Startup category: Appsynth & SecludIT), as well as our neighbours here in the south, Yooz who competed in the "Best Cloud Solution" category.

The prizes were awarded at the closing ceremony of the "États Généraux du Cloud" which took place at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris.

Here is our shiny trophy!

Due to our participation in the Trophées Eurocloud France, this means that in October 2011 we will compete in the European version: EuroCloud Europe. We hope to go all the way!