Bime V2.6: Connect To Your RDBMS From Bime Web! [RELEASE]

On behalf of the Bime team, I'm very pleased to announce the public availability of Bime V2.6. We've been working hard on this and we are glad to share it with you now!

Connect to your RDBMS from a web browser!

With V2.6 we introduced a subtle change but one with a big impact. You can now connect directly to your database from Bime web without using Bime Desktop.

Why is it important?

Because we had a lot of problems in the past with the Bime Desktop approach. Especially, with dashboards. It was fine to use Bime Desktop for designing the dashboard but you couldn't publish a dashboard with full interactivity (ie: requiring the full dataset) or in real time (plugged into the database). Now it is super convenient as you can do everything from the browser (design and dashboard access).

How can I enable it?

From the Bime side: do nothing. In the browser Bime will just try to connect to the database with the credentials you gave. From the database side, you have to ensure that the database is accessible for the domain and for the user credentials you setup in your connection. The documentation has been updated here.

What about Bime Desktop?

So why use Bime Desktop anymore? Bime Desktop is still the tool of choice to use for uploading snapshots of data to Déjà Vu, our distributed cache. Bime Desktop is still there for the scheduling refresh and also for loading Excel files.

Other enhancements

  • You can now drill down and drill through from the maps.
  • In Google Analytics, you can use a custom segment definition as a filter. Just to illustrate why this is useful, there is an interesting discussion here.
  • The interface has been refined to fit on smaller screen resolution. More to come on this!

I hope you'll like this as much as we do! If you haven't got an account already, don't forget to get one here. :)