Bime V2.5 Release Part 2: More Data Visualization Goodness [RELEASE]

Here is part 2 of our Bime V2.5 Release series. To recap, here is part one: Bime V2.5 Release Part 1: Cloud Pack Format

More data visualization goodness: axis sharing between charts

What on earth is axis sharing? Let's take an example, this query displays the profit per states exploded by region. As no single state can be in 2 regions, the result look like this:

(Click to see it full screen). This chart is really sparse because the same axis as been used for all charts. This is really great when you have to do comparisons, but in this case it's better to have a specific axis for each chart. You now have a new option in the chart menu : explosion > share category axis that gives you this chart:

The same principle can be applied for numeric axes.

More data visualization goodness: sizing of gauges and bullet chart

You can now set the size of the Gauges and Bullet:

Better interaction with your connection: contextual member retrieve

For Google Analytics and RDBMS connections you have now by default a contextual member retrieve. What is that? We list only the elements available for the current query. If you have selected one region for example, we only list the state that belongs to this region. If you have a restriction on the year 2009, when you ask for the products, Bime only gives you the products sold in 2009. You can change this behaviour by clicking on the "Restrict to query" option.

Better interaction with your connection: rename and move attributes directly from the pivot table

You can rename elements (attributes and measures) directly from the pivot table. No more need to go back to the connection builder.

You can move an attribute to a measure and a measure to an attribute on the fly also without having to go back to the connection builder.

Why is it important? It saves a lot of time, as we learnt from your feedback, it's a very common operation.

Export option in published charts

You can now restrict the export option in published dashboards.