Bime V1.99: Grouped Dashboards, Advanced Result Post Processing, Faster Google Analytics... [RELEASE]

Bime V1.99 is out with a bunch of new features. There is something for everyone in this release: groups of dashboards for the communication freaks, advanced post processing for the data geeks, faster Google Analytics performance for the busy web marketers and the good news is that the best is yet to come in the now very close version 2.0.

Grouped dashboards

You can now group dashboards together. This is really useful when you want to group related elements together in one single dashboard.


Just send your query to a new dashboard from the pivot table or add a tab directly from 'Monitor'. To create a grouped dashboard, just tell Bime to group it with an existing dashboard.

Advanced result post processing

We rewrote the result post processing options of Bime to get much more powerful options.

Other enhancements

Google Analytics: faster queries when using multi segments or mullti profiles, goals are now available, more sliding windows for your date period.

Advanced Sort for sorting on a specifc value or inside groups.

Much improved Visual SQL Query Builder.