Bime V1.95: Google Analytics Connector and Undo / Redo

Bime V1.95 is out with 2 new killer features: a Google Analytics Connector and Undo / Redo capabilities in the pivot table.

Google Analytics Connector

Warning: this is a huge deal! We have never been so exited about a new feature. Imagine that you could unleash the power of all your data stored in Google Analytics in a best of breed Business Intelligence User Interface... Well from today, you can ask dynamic questions, drill up, drill down into your clickstream data, and understand trends, patterns and relationships like never before, through cutting edge visualizations. Understand your website visitors' behavior, improve your conversion rate, and in the long run, your income. Two words: "TRY IT", this is seriously useful!

We are so exited about this connector that we created a whole new blog for it: It is all about web analytics through Google Analytics Tips And Tricks and the Bime connector. Please bookmark it and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Undo / Redo

A simple feature with a huge impact on the data analysis experience. You can now go back and forth in the pivot table at each step of your question and answer session.