Bime Update: Déjà Vu, A Distributed Cache Mechanism [RELEASE]

1. Déjà Vu decreases computation time & improves productivity:

It has been designed in order to respect the fact that what has been computed once keeps available in Bime and is not computed again (except if the data sources have been updated). During the analysis of your data, each computed query is mutualised in Déjà Vu. Thus, when you try to access again to this query, the result of this query is automatically retrieved from Déjà Vu and is instantaneously available for analysis. In the same way, when you or one of your collaborator publish a dashboard on Bime, each authorized user can retrieve instantaneously the published dashboard, without any computing time. Déjà Vu provides benefits in terms of time & productivity.

2. Déjà Vu allows you to share on premise data ... ONLINE!

Indeed, by using Déjà Vu, you can explore your internal datasources (such as Excel files or relational databases), make queries and publish your findings through online dashboards and share them with people you want, internal collaborators or not. Only the mutualised objects (i.e. the results of the analysis) will be available. The online consultation of your dashboards doesn't require any access to your internal datasources. With Déjà Vu, you can consequently share on premise data easily and in all serenity.

3. Déjà Vu is entirely automatic:

It manages automatically the synchronization and the versioning of the mutualised objects. Thus, when a mutualised query result refers to old data, Déjà Vu indicates to the user that the corresponding datasources have changed and should be reloaded in order to update the mutualised object.

4. Déjà Vu is secure:

It uses exclusively https protocol and Amazon Simple Storage Service platform. Both provide a high level of security. Consequently, Déjà Vu is made safe and guarantees an entirely secured mutualisation feature.

5. Déjà Vu is user friendly:

Like all features of Bime, the mutualisation feature is available by simple "drag-and-drop". You can easily share your dashboards through a single clic…and do it the same way to disable Déjà Vu when you don’t want to share analysis.

The following video shows how to use Déjà Vu on Bime.