Bime to Enter in Cloud Computing World Series Awards 2011

Bime in Cloud Computing World Series Awards

Since we were short-listed under the "Best Start-up Company" category (losing out to Cloud Linux) in the Cloud Computing World Series Awards last year, we decided to go for it again this year and apply for the second time. A lot has happened in the past 12 months and we think Bime deserves to win any of the following categories: Best Cloud Application, Best SMB Product, Service or Solution; Best Enterprise Solution or Best Start-up Company.

Post Version 2


Now Bime Version 2 has been released we can really see how far we've come in just 12 months - we now have a sophisticated SaaS BI tool that can offer a wealth of unique features over other solutions: Déjà Vu for data snapshots, high performance and a powerful OLAP engine that runs in a web browser and that allows you to work in-memory or to use the power of databases, the explosion axis with coverflow views, the unique set of connectors that allows you to connect to on-premise (RDBMS, OLAP engine) and online datasources (SFDC, Google Analytics..) and more.





And that’s only the beginning: in the coming weeks we are coming out with more cool stuff like high compression rates for Déjà Vu snapshots, self-service pre-packaged reports / metrics through our marketplace, and native mobile access.

Here are some of our application notes.

Why do you need Bime?

"Bime helps our target markets facilitate their planning process, and therefore puts them and their organizations in the best possible position for deciding what to do next. Not only does it help organizations make more rational and targeted decisions, but will also keep them one vital step ahead of their competitors in the market.

How does it do this? For example, analyzing sales data might show hidden links within your customer base and so reveal how to better retain old customers and attract new ones. Mixing this with your financial data might then show that one group of customers cost a lot more than another, despite equal revenues, allowing you to further refine your targeting. More than increasing profits, well informed strategic decisions make the difference between the growth and collapse of a company, and Bime gives this opportunity to the organizations that use it. This is particularly important in a recession when organizations need to minimize outgoings and risk. It also enables them to plan savings in an informed and effective way.

Our target markets need tools like Bime to bring visibility into the organization and help link different aspects together. Without Bime, organizations run the risk of overlooking vital information fundamental to their survival in today’s difficult economy."

What makes this product significantly better than the competition?

"Attractive price and pricing model - the SaaS model means you can pay for only what you use. Simplicity of use - Bime is designed with the business user in mind, so no prior IT expertise is required like a lot of traditional BI solutions. Bime has more great features - we won't list them all but they include: the ability to perform "what if" analyses directly from the dashboard, large data connectivity, the choice between the SaaS or on-premise version, advanced customization options for charts and dashboards, drill through, decompose and focus directly from the dashboard and loads more. Bime has little/no installation or set-up cost, there is no download required, and it provides unique sharing capabilities."