Data Filter Prompt [BIME TIP]

Here is this week's Bime Tip for all the Bime users out there. Don't have an account yet? Go to the sign up page to get one first, then come back here to learn about Data Filter Prompts! If you have an Enterprise or a Premium Edition of Bime, Data Filter Prompts allow you to give your viewers an advanced level of interactivity in your dashboards: the ability to examine data from multiple perspectives in a single place allows you to discover even more of the meaningful relationships that exist in your data. The good news is that analysts can pursue an unlimited set of questions directly from the dashboard, leading to comprehensive and free-flowing exploration.

Data visualization guru Stephen Few writes:

Comparison is the fundamental activity of analysis. Something powerful happens when we are able to see data simultaneously from several perspectives. We are able to spot connections and discern relationships that would otherwise remain hidden. If we were to look at these same views of the data independently, one at a time, we would never gain the same insights, largely due to the limits of short-term memory. Once one of these views is no longer in front of our eyes, we remember little, if anything, of what we saw, so we cannot compare it to what we’re looking at now. We can hold about four chunks of information at one time in short-term memory. One of the best ways to work around this limitation is to place everything that you wish to compare within eye span.

Enter Bime’s Data Filter Prompts.

'Use query filters as prompts' option

In the dashboard preferences pop-up, just select 'Use query filters as prompts'. Then, the attributes of the 'Filters' axis of each query are prompted and all viewers of the dashboard can re-execute a query by modifying the filtering attribute value.

How does it work? This looks at every level in the pivot table filters dropbox to create prompts in the dashboard.

Example: Query 1 from connection 1 has “Product” in the filters with no member selected

Query 2 from connection 1 has “Product” in the filters with P1 member selected. Query 2 has also “Year” in the filter.

If we send these queries to a dashboard, we will get three prompts for data filtering: Product with nothing selected, Product with P1 selected and Year. Changing these filters will affect only the original query of the prompt. A color legend is used to convey the link between the visualization and the prompt.

'Share filters between same connection queries' Option

If you select the option 'Share filters between same connection queries', then filters from queries originating from a common connection will be mingled. In other words, if there are queries of the same connection and if some of them are restricted (i.e. attribute(s) on the 'Filters' axis), then these restrictions are applied on all other queries of the connection.

The same example as before will now give two prompts in the dashboard: “Product” with P1 selected by default and Year with nothing selected. Changing either of these prompts will modify query 1 & 2 in the dashboard.

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