All About Custom Sort Attributes [BIME TIP]

Bime sorts attributes alphabetically or on the value of a measure. What if you don't want your attribute to be sorted alphabetically or by it's value? Sometimes you may find it useful to sort on custom order. A common use case is for displaying the sales process in a natural order (example: “lead”, “pre-sales”, “closed”)

Now you can choose exactly what order you want elements to appear in... We try to offer maximum flexibility in Bime so you can customize your analysis to suit your preferences. Click here to see other ways you can customize your dashboards.

Start in the pivot table. Place the attribute you want to use on rows. We are using some sales process data to illustrate this example.

By default the sort gives you this:

Clearly it's not the order we want to see it in. So let’s create a custom sort:

Clicking "create and ordered set" will bring up the list:

Simply drag and drop to order:

So now it's in the order you want. Rename and click save:

The new attribute will appear in the list of calculated attributes on the left hand side. If you use it you’ll get the values sorted accordingly, like so:

Now you can really sort your data down to the last detail. Want to read more bime tips? Follow this link.