BIME Releases Version 4 of Acclaimed Cloud BI Service [PRESS RELEASE]

Complete stack of BI tools from data warehousing to interactive analysis and visualization - First intuitive and fast business intelligence front-end for Google BigQuery

MONTPELLIER/FRANCE, June 4, 2012 -- BIME, the leader in cloud business intelligence for the age of Big Data, today announced the release of version 4 of its award-winning BI service. BIME v4 offers a complete stack of BI services and tools that enable companies of any size to mine their own business right in the browser. BIME (pronounced “Beam”) delivers ten major new features in version 4, including an infinitely scalable suite of cloud databases and a connector to Google’s BigQuery service to make sense of terabytes of data in seconds.

“Version 4 is a milestone for BIME by We Are Cloud,” said CEO and co-founder Rachel Delacour. “We believe software-as-a-service is the best model for enterprise software. BIME proves that business intelligence of the future will run in the cloud. It’s fast and powerful, it scales and is affordable even for a small enterprise.”

“BigQuery is Big Data for the rest of us,”

BIME is the first company to offer a business intelligence front-end for Google BigQuery. “BigQuery is Big Data for the rest of us,” explained Delacour. “It’s easy to use and easy to manage. It’s cost effective since you pay as you go, and virtually limitless in terms of scalability. We are proud to be the first vendor to offer a BI front-end for this exciting service.”

BIME now comprises an unmatched set of database choices, data source access as well as analysis and visualization options. Users can connect data sets no matter whether they are on-premise or online, from spreadsheets on a local machine to data from Facebook Insights or Google Analytics. The BIME stack in the cloud can scale seamlessly and effortlessly with a customer’s needs. The BIME DB suite of cloud databases is the first real option for data warehousing-as-a-service. It lets enterprises create on-the-fly data warehouses and data marts, a subset of a data warehouse that is usually targeted toward a specific team or line of business.

BIME DB is a new, fully managed web service that allows an enterprise to easily create, configure, and use analytics databases in the cloud without worrying about provisioning or management. It ranges from the entry-level, proprietary BIME Déjà Vu tool to query a few thousand data sets all the way to serving the needs of a multinational enterprise seeking valuable insights from billions of rows of live social media and web analytics data.

“A company should be free to focus on analyzing their data to make better decisions and drive profits instead of thinking about scaling and managing their data warehouse. That’s what we mean by saying BIME lets you mine your own business,” said CTO and co-founder Nicolas Raspal.

At the same time, BIME v4 continues to emphasize simple set-up and ease of use. Version 4 lets a single manager or analyst import data from the BIME Desktop or any ETL tool and manage analysis and visualization with only a web browser. The insights can be securely shared via dashboards and widgets with select partners or the entire web.

“The latest version of BIME was developed by listening to our customers from the Americas to China. They keep telling us they want their data analysis up and running really fast. And they want BI to be easy enough so a single person can handle a large project,” explained Delacour. That’s now possible with BIME v4 and its advanced connectors to Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and BigQuery, she added.

About BIME: Founded in 2009 in Montpellier, a hotbed of academic R&D in the South of France, BIME (We are Cloud) powers the first pure cloud BI service for the age of Big Data. BIME delivers simple-to-use yet powerful data analysis, visualization and dashboarding as a fast, easy and low-cost service. The company has been recognized as “Best European Start Up of the Year” at ICT Spring 2011 and “Best Cloud Application” by the Cloud Computing World Series Awards.

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