Bime Release 1.60: Geospatial Analysis Gets Faster, Slicker and Easier [RELEASE]

Heatmap visualization reloaded.

In these last few weeks we’ve rebuilt all of Bime’s geospatial analysis capabilities from scratch. Result: Heatmaps that are now dead simple to use and much more powerful. Here are some of the key improvements you’ll see in your mapping:

  • 1. You don't need to have a geographic dimension in your connection. You can drop anything on the geographic section of the pivot table and Bime will geocode it.
  • 2. Geographic dimensions now work together to give precise geocoding. For example, if you have three colomns, e.g. country, zip code, address, and you try to geocode using one of them, Bime will use the higher geographic dimension to ensure accurate geocoding. So if you geocode by address, Bime uses country and zip code to help, but if you geocode by country, you’ll still get your required country measure.
  • 3. Performance – it’s just much better. Everything works more smoothly even with thousands of points on the heatmap.
  • 4. Point clustering. If you click on an area with hundred of underlying points you will see the aggregated value first with all of the detailed points shown below.
  • 5. The zoom in dashboards takes full advantage of the map size available.

The age of 2D visual data anlysis time is over

You can now encode values in the colors and size of Bar, Column and line charts. Now every visualization in Bime encodes size and color meaning that the age of 2D visual data anlysis time is over.

Fixes & minor improvements

Improvements: dashboard performance improvements, number of attribute filters displayed in pivot table has been increased from 200 to 2000, performance improvements for all time related functions, improved data-grid formatting, auto build keeps attribute name if they were renamed, "switch" expression in calculated measures and calculated attributes, hight quality PDF & image export, load in the pivot table the query behind a dashboard visualization.

Fixes: The heatmap legend was reversed, unwanted "%" sign could be displayed, in some cases "next button" for RDBMS connection was not enabled.