Bime 1.4 [RELEASE]

Calculated Members & Calculated Measures

Imagine you can extend your datasets with computations and groups on the fly. Do you have turnover and cost measures? Let's calculate your margin with a calculated measure. Do you want all the customers above a given profit threshold in one group, and to be able to create another group containing all the others? Calculated Attributes to the rescue!

Swap visualizations in dashboard

A feature that was on our do-to list for too long. Now you can drag & drop the different visualizations in the dashboard and rearrange them in an iGoogle way.

Top & part-to-whole filters

You can now convert all your results (even in a dashboard) to display the part-to-whole contribution. You can also combine it with a top X filters.

part-to-whole filter


Bime is very useful for communication. So we just added the possibility to add comments on top of EVERY visualization.


Color customization

You can now choose the colors when you use visualizations with color coding.

Sql Builder

For the RBDMS connector, you can now generate automatically the SQL when you select all the data in one table.

Various corrections

Grand Totals, In Bime desktop zoom chart caused an uncaught exceptions, search in attributes of the pivot table, autobuild on connections, multi chart was buggy when too much categories.