Calling All Football Fans! Bime Visualizes the Recently Closed Summer Transfer Window [DASHBOARD]

Bime really can be used to analyze any type of data... This week, it's football stats! Created by one of our customer reps, check out this cool dashboard detailing where all the money was spent (or to some fans' dismay, wasn't spent) in the English Premier League and French Ligue 1 during this recently closed summer transfer window.

The graphics below are only images, if you open the dashboard in the web player in your browser these visualizations are interactive and using the row selector tool, more information can often be examined. To access the interactive dashboard click here. The only measure shown from the original data-set was the fee amount. The remaining averages, calculations and queries have been executed within Bime. In Bime you can easily distinguish between the attributes by assigning a color, thus, throughout our dashboard red=English Premier League and blue=French Ligue 1. Throughout the dashboard, 'N' refers to the number of transfers. Thanks to the concise way we were able to display the data, and by querying the wider dataset, a number of conclusions can be drawn.

The first conclusion to draw is that the Premiership is a bigger money league, something often assumed, but now clear to see. The average fee in the Premiership is €6.6m, against €3.8m in Ligue 1, and the distribution of fees is startling. In Ligue 1, only Pastore (€42m to PSG) arrived for more than €12m, while the Premiership saw 21 players move over that price. The discrepancy is even bigger if PSG and the funding from their new backers is taken out of the equation; without this, the average fee drops to €3m, and the highest fee, in or out, would have been €12m - and he (Gervinho) went to Arsenal. In Bime, queries can easily be adapted, such as with the example above (L1 clubs without PSG). This can be performed using groups, and including / excluding the attributes or measures you wish to include in the query.

In total, €198m moved within the Premiership, which had a net spend out to lower domestic leagues of €70m, and sent €149m net abroad. The most expensive market was internal, averaging €9m per player (possibly reflecting the much touted 'English player premium'). Conversely, the majority of Ligue 1's outside spend was domestic, with €32m net staying in France and only €14m going overseas. In Bime, using color weighting (and also if needed but not shown below, size weighting) on a range of different visualizations, we are able to show several different measures on one chart. The pie charts below, taken from the dashboard, show both where transfers were made (segment) and average transfer fee (color weighting).

Where transations are conducted

Other differences in approach can be seen - players are twice as likely to move on a free in Ligue 1, with the area treemap (below) showing the clubs who did the most free transfer and loan moves. While the domestic loan markets are fairly even, with both leagues mostly sending out their younger players to lower domestic leagues to gain experience, the Premiership is nearly six times more likely to send players overseas for a spell, Arsenal picking up plane tickets for seven players, Chelsea for four, and Liverpool and Manchester City three.

Free Transfers Clubs

The effect of PSG's newly fattened wallet may be a cause for concern in France, as the massive cash injections at City and Chelsea were in England, but we will have to wait and see if this is the bellwether for a change in approach in Ligue 1. As things stand, Ligue 1 may be seen as a 'junior' league within Europe, but with UEFA's financial fair play rules coming into view, the less bloated finances of the French league (see the bubble chart below) combined with the possibility of soon leap-frogging Italy in the rank co-efficients, may be a recipe for longer-term stability as Ligue 1 teams are able both to attract, and hold onto, important players.

[caption id="attachment_11188" align="alignleft" width="549" caption="With the exception of PSG French clubs tend to spend well within their means. Click the chart to view a fully interactive dashboard to see which circles belong to which clubs."][/caption]

The dashboard summary of the summer transfer window highlights how Bime can take complex and large amounts of data, manipulate it and display it in an easy-to-digest way with some stylish looking visualizations. To explore how Bime can transform your data, sign up for a free trial (no credit card required!).

Access the dashboard here

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Authors: Philippa Booth & Jonathan Gardiner