Bime does the Brit Awards - multiple winners, years of success and the Bime team's music collection [DASHBOARD]

After last week's Brit Awards, we had a look at the history of the Brits, to see who the biggest winners have been since they started in 1977. Courtesy of the Guardian Datablog we looked at all the figures. As the names of the categories have changed over time, it was really easy to reorganise these in Bime using the 'group' function, and also to calculate over what period winners were recognised - Sir Paul McCartney won his first (solo) Brit in 1983 and his most recent in 2008, so with 25 years of Brit success, he tops the 'timespan' chart! But it is Robbie Williams who takes the overall prize, with a massive 12 Brits won at 7 different ceremonies. This success is stressed on the treemap using colour to show the number of years in which each artist was successful.

We also thought it would be fun to see how the Brit list is reflected in the record collections of the Bime team - using the Query Blender, we mashed up the source list with a series of records from members of staff, to find that our founder Rachel is the person with the most albums from Brit-winning artists, with a massive 114! Michael Jackson is the winner best represented in our collections, followed by the Beatles.

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