Now out: Bime 1.5 Including Scheduled Data Refresh & More [RELEASE]

Automatic data refresh for connections, queries and dashboards

Bime Desktop is now able to refresh your data & dashboards automatically. It’s very easy. In the admin section, your account has a new tab called “scheduler”. All connections that use Déjà Vu are listed. All you have to do is click the check box on the connections and queries you want to update automatically. That’s pretty much it.

Cross referenced calculated attributes and variables

This release contains a major enhancement of the calculation engine: you can now cross reference calculated attributes and measures. Simply, a calculated measure can reference other calculated measures and calculated attributes. Thanks to this you can express really complex business logic by creating a graph of linked calculations. Add this to the new global variable feature (keep reading) and you get a really powerful tool to make calculations using your data.

What-if analysis

We just added a new type of calculated attributes: variables. A variable can be referenced in all calculated attributes and calculated measures. It has an initial value, a max value and a min value. The great thing about a variable is that it comes with a slider control in the user interface that allows you to change the value of the variable on the fly and thus all dependent calculations. All kinds of predictive/budgeting scenarios are possible, for example “what happens if I change my unit price by 20% and decrease my units sold by 10%”? Watch the following video to follow a step by step example.

Color and size encoding on Pie and Area Chart

Following our work on the ability to encode variables in size, color and shape on all our visualizations, we exposed this feature on Pie chart and Area chart (explain or expand). Perhaps you noticed the visualization from GE on the cost of getting sick. Guess what? You can produce this using Bime in just a few seconds.

To-date calculations

One of the major headaches in most Business Intelligence products is how to manage “to-date” calculations. The answer to “What is my running total for turnover since the beginning of the year?” is just a click away with Bime! Indeed, we rebuilt the time dimension from scratch in order to include all you need automatically:

  • You no longer need to confirm if you want the quarter level or the weekday level etc. You get all possible levels automatically.
  • You can now navigate in time by drilling down in the hierarchy. (and, yes, hierarchy support is coming soon!!!)
  • Using the time element popup menu, you can now switch from one time level to another time level and you can activate the “to-date” calculation.

Basket calculated attributes

Basket attribute allows you to discretize a measure. Imagine you have a file where each line represents a sales order. You want to know the proportion of the turnover you make on small orders and big orders. This is where Basket attribute comes in. Create a basket attribute on your measure data field and then give it a size. For example, you want each basket to represent 1000$. That is all it takes. Now you have a new attribute where each value holds the turnover made per order and per range of 1000$.

Fixes and minor improvments

Features: datagrid enhancement with fixed headers, color edition per chart, Excel 2007 (tm) support, update queries ability, filters are applied in the dashboard per visualization automatically and globally if they are changed, legend on the heat map, export data to clipboard and csv, direction of top filters.

Fixes: dates given by Excel formula are supported, SQL Aliases are supported, improvements in edition of the time dimension in the connection builder, trend lines work well with the zoom chart.

Happy data analysis!