BI for the masses

Today, Tata Motors unveiled its new product for the masses: the Nano, the cheapest car ever proposed for middle class in emerging countries. India & China will be the first targets.

When I read it, I couldn’t but compare this new product to our…at least on several points.

This new car costs less than 5 Iphones (1700€)! A car! It’s mainly proposed to middle class of emerging countries. Tata’s advantage is to be the first offering a car for the masses. This future giant went faster than the biggest ones understanding the real need. He didn’t wait for Indians to be rich enough to afford a car, he waited for their need expression, then adapt a product for them. It’s not a philanthropic ambition, volume is the genuine target. He chose the simplicity: obviously, there are no options available, only essential to go from A to B. How will the current competitors react? What will they propose?

What’s sure is they missed the train, at least for the moment. Tata defied all principles and laws of car industry. The product by itself will highlight the pros & cons…and neither marketing nor press releases will do best.

I am still waiting for testimonies about the Nano but for now, I can compare it to our product as far as we propose BI for normal people, I mean by keeping it simple. We want to give people BI tools to be the best in their own business. It will be cheap and simple (less than 1/10e of an Iphone a month), with only essential BI features to understand one’s activity the simpliest way.

Less is more. How? With self service BI. Small and midsized businesses need BI … and we didn’t wait for them to be rich enough to afford a BI solution, we waited for their need expression, that came and we’re here!. 2008 is the year of new BI comers…As for the Nano, our product will speak for us…we are waiting to hear it!