Latest Visualization by the BBC

As Gordon Brown announces the British General Election, the BBC gives us an interactive view of UK polls from 2002 onwards. I'm not quite sure why they start the scale in the 1980s when the data only start in 2002 but it's an interesting and useful visualization nonetheless. The ability to select a pollster, zoom in on intersting areas and view event comments greatly increases the power of the plot. The animated transitions also make the data more approachable and more pleasing to play with. Clear to see in the data is the leap in popularity of the Conservative Party just after Gordon Brown comes to power. For all the words of politicians, does the data show us Blairs true popularity?

Inevitably the election will bring with it a glut of data evaluation as Labour's performance over the last 13 years is reviewed. We'd love to hear about any good examples of visualization you spot during the build up. Please post them in the comments below.