Analyzing Web Analytics (Infographic)

Proving that you have an audience is vital to monetizing the internet. It’s especially true when it comes to selling your site to advertisers and supporters. There’s no doubt that Google Analytics is a very popular platform, both in features and it’s place in the market. It’s free and powerful. Of Alexa’s top million sites, Google is used on almost half of them. It’s much more competitive and interesting if we look at the list of 10,000 most popular sites:

The Other Guys

Fighting admirably against the juggernaut for the endorsement (and money) of these most visited websites, Quantcast is currently in second. This is impressive from a site that strictly focuses on traffic coming from the United States. Not surprising, however, considering how many of the popular sites are American. Quantcast made Fast Company’s 2010 list of the World’s Most Innovative companies at 46. Quantcast was third on the top ten list of web companies. They have a long way to go compared to Google whose mighty weight ranked them as fourth and second on each list respectively.

This is a guest post by Brian E. Young, a graphic designer and illustrator who blogs and podcasts about creativity at