9 resources explaining when to use segmentation or filters in Google Analytics

So you've heard all about the benefits of segmentation and filters in Google Analytics, and most likely tested them out, but do you often find yourself asking: which one should I use in this particular situation?  Although advanced segments and filters function in similar ways, there are a few key differences to note before using either one for your profile or report.

We've pulled together a list of resources that should help you make that decision.

1. The guys over at Lunametrics have written a nice post comparing and contrasting using Advanced Segments and profiles and filters to get a different view of the same site.  There's also a nice little short summary of the differences between the two approaches.  You can access the post here.

2. This Google help article briefly explains the key differences to note before choosing one or the other to apply.

What's the difference between advanced segments and filters?

3. Atracks provides training and mentoring in web analytics.  Their blog contains a short piece about Segments and filters in Google Analytics. 

4. From the official blog for the book Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics by Brian Clifton, How to choose between Advanced Segments versus Profile Filters in Google Analytics does exactly what it says on the tin. 

5. Complete with a simple example, Shelby Thayer explains why if you are only looking at your data in aggregate, without segmenting it, you can be making decisions based on misleading information.  Find out her rule of thumb here.

6. Blue Snapper's post entitled Avoiding a Brick Wall in Google Analytics talks about why it is sometimes better to use profiles and filters, as even advanced segments have their limitations.  A useful post which also details when advanced segments are disabled by Google Analytics.

7. Clubnet Search Marketing briefly explains how both segments and filters serve different purposes.  Short and sweet. Should I use Filters or Advanced Segments in Google Analytics?

8. Using the example of tracking social networks sites, this post takes you through the technicalities of exactly how to create your filter or segment.  2 easy ways to track social networks in Google Analytics.

9.  Justin Cutroni includes both filters and segmentation in his article evaluating 6 different ways to segment your data in Google Analytics.  He includes the pros and cons of each.  Read Segmentation Options in Google Analytics .