7 reasons to adopt SaaS BI... Now !

According to a Forbes article published last week, the average organization will grow their data by 50% in the coming year. With the increasing pertinence of SaaS (Software-as-a-Solution) based tools in the analytics field and the seemingly ubiquitous discussion of cloud computing, many companies are looking to cloud based BI (Business Intelligence) solutions to turn data into dollars. Here are 7 reasons you should be moving your data analytics into the cloud:[Cartoon (left) from CloudTweaks]


1. Data dilemma Do I have the correct amount of data to make SaaS BI a viable option for me ? With the scalability of SaaS solutions the answer is nearly always yes:[/two_third]


a) Small Data 5 years ago the need for a couple of key decision makers to analyze a small number of records could not justify the upfront costs and time investment to implement a BI solution. The beauty of SaaS BI is that it gets rid of this problem as it provides a fully functional BI suite available for just one person. SaaS applications can be rapidly scaled up or down as your business needs change. At BIME we have customers from single users, to small teams, departments, all the way up to large enterprises.

b) Big Data At the other end of the spectrum some users may be put off believing they have too much data for a SaaS BI solution to handle. It's true, scaling databases is hard. Scaling analytic databases is very hard given the resource-intensive task of aggregation. But Google BigQuery solves the scaling of analytic databases problem in a beautiful way. Google BigQuery is big data for the rest of us. Easy to use, easy to manage (nothing to do), cost effective (pay-as-you-go) and virtually limitless in terms of scalability. It means companies who previously would have needed complex IT infrastructure and an operational team can now analyze their data with only - and we mean it - a web browser. Using BIME as a front-end in collaboration with the power of Google BigQuery, users can create awesome dashboards, processing hundreds of GB of data on the fly, no hard coded SQL queries, everything built with simple drag-&-drop.

2. No technical expertise needed SaaS BI gives SMBs a route into their data; many SaaS BI users are CEOs, managers etc. in smaller businesses. We believe that far from relying on the IT guys to dig into the data, anyone can be a business analyst. In fact it is actually better that those making the business decisions are executing the analysis themselves.

3. Simple and quick to implement SaaS BI is delivered over the internet so there is no software to install, no servers to maintain and no integration to be done. All this makes for an extremely short lead time.

4. Flexible pricing Compared to traditional enterprise solutions SaaS BI is cheap... very cheap. The SaaS pricing model allows users to only pay for what they need. With monthly payments users can regularly adjust their analytical capabilities and SaaS solutions can be scaled up or down to meet these needs making SaaS much more reflexive than traditional solutions. Free trials also give users the opportunity to try-before-you-buy. Users are able to try out the solutions on their own data and really find out if the solution is a good fit for them. See our pricing & plans here.

5. Gain a competitive advantage Business analytics spending is on a sharp upturn. Hal900 calculate that for ever $1 spent on business analytics yields $10.66 return on investment. Align yourself with cloud technology before your competitors do, become a market leader and get a bottom line competitive edge. At the start of the year a Gartner report said that that nearly one third of organizations would use or plan to use cloud offerings to augment their business intelligence capabilities therefore now is the time to stay ahead of the field and adopt SaaS BI.


[one_half_last]6. A timesaver The average full-time worker in the EU works 42 hours a week (see table left) and many at SMBs will work longer hours than this. So you may argue, "I don't have time to implement a BI solution". SaaS BI will save you time. No longer will hours be spent designing charts, manually sending reports out or manually calculating figures. With SaaS BI all this can be done with a few clicks, dashboards can be accessed, updated and shared anywhere there is an internet connection. It allows you to streamline the process and harness the potential of your data without spending hours doing so. SaaS BI provides a real return on time as well as monetary investment.[/one_half_last]

[one_half]7. They complement other web based solutions Salesforce, GoogleDocs, Google Analytics. SaaS BI connects directly to your online sources (without forgetting on-premise data) so all analysis can be executed in the web-browser. Without software or the need for additional infrastructure SaaS BI is designed to complement the tools you already use.[/one_half]