5 Useful Tips/Tricks/Hacks in Google Analytics

Here are some of our favourite Google Analytics tips and hacks, that you may or may not already know, that will help you improve your website analysis experience!

1.   Tracking Outbound Clicks

Links that lead away from your site are not automatically tracked in Google Analytics so to track this activity you need to tag links you want to track with some custom Javascript. Larry King will walk you through the steps.

outbound clicks

2. Export to Google Docs from Google Analytics

There has reportedly been some compatibility issues between certain versions of MS Excel and the CSV files that Google Analytics exports.  A way to get around this problem, is to use Greasemonkey to do a one-click export to create a Google spreadsheet for analyzing the GA data. You can find out how to do this here: Integrate Google Analytics with Google Docs using Greasemonkey

export to google docs

3. Show More Rows

If you have a large site, you’ve probably come across the issue of trying to export all your data but you can only download 500 rows at a time! That can be super annoying if you’re trying to pull data when you have 10,000+ rows you need to get into one spreadsheet. This little trick can save you hours of time:  Show More Rows (scroll down to tip #4)

4. A Plug-in to Show Raw Numbers in GA, Not Just Percents

Jeremy from ROI Revolution shares a Greasemonkey script which contains a new Goal Conversion tab, with raw number of conversions for each goal as well as goal revenue.  Read more here: Google Analytics Report Enhancer

5. Fully Referring URLs

If you want to segment by source in GA; the referring url is cut at the domain. Which means if you got a referral from http://bimehq.com/featured/ you would see it in the source as http://bimehq.com/. And if you have multiple urls from the same domain we cannot see which page it come from because it will be truncated at the domain. The solution here is to create a filter which will put all the complete referring urls in a user defined report. Follow these steps!

full referring URLs