Google Analytics + Bime = Reinventing Web Analytics

"We Are Cloud" is now providing a Google Analytics connector in its Business Intelligence web application Bime.

This innovative web analytics tool allows deep crossed data analysis: you can easily extract dimensions and metrics from your website traffic data thanks to the Google Analytics API, and enjoy the different powerful Bime visualizations! 

In other words, you have access to infinite combinations, amazing visualizations (heatmaps, multi charts, complex pies...), filters, remarkable calculated measures such as "good exits" or "customer loyalty", and you can also create your own calculated attributes and measures.

In Bime, you can manage your dashboards and share them, you have complete control over your data, from the extraction to the visualisation. You are completely free to ask any questions and not limited anymore by a set of prebuilt reports!

Stay tuned for more Web Analytics goodness!