Is New York City safe?

Being lovers of all things data, it’s like Christmas morning whenever new open source data sets become publicly consumable. When New York City’s open data project recently updated its database with the happenings of “New York’s Finest”, we couldn’t wait to dig in. We were particularly curious about crime in the Big Apple and the measures the New York Police Department took, so into the data on major felony offenses from 2000-2014 and Stop, Question & Frisk records from 2015 we went. 

After downloading these data sets, we connected the files to BIME in just a couple minutes and here’s what we uncovered. 

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Why ESL Education took to the cloud for its data analytics needs

"This first year of use was a proof period for us. We had to demonstrate the necessity of having BIME in the company. This allowed us to assess scalability with each update and the practical returns.

2016 will be the year where we undertake the biggest deployment to our teams, making them more autonomous in their data analysis." said Clément Duay, Business Analyst at ESL Education S.A.

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Thank you to ESL-Education !

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