Marketing teams, it’s time to get more data-driven with Kontest

Embed Analytics story with BIME : Grabbing your customer's’ attention is no easy feat with the amount of noise your business has to compete with. So more and more marketers are getting savvy with customer data to find, target, and engage their customers in a way that’s more personal and relevant.

Read how Kontest—a creator of marketing tools that optimize the customer journey from site visitor to customer—has integrated with BIME Analytics to provide data-driven solutions for marketers. 

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Twitter Image Impact

One great thing about working with a cloud BI tool is that the business user has the ability to run ad hoc queries quickly and easily - you don’t have to find room in the budget for it, or persuade a busy IT team to get involved. This is particularly handy when you are looking at a hunch. Using the BIME Twitter connector and BIME DB, it was quick and easy to go from hunch to analysis to strategy. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it can also boost the engagement with 140 characters!

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