Twitter Image Impact

One great thing about working with a cloud BI tool is that the business user has the ability to run ad hoc queries quickly and easily - you don’t have to find room in the budget for it, or persuade a busy IT team to get involved. This is particularly handy when you are looking at a hunch. Using the BIME Twitter connector and BIME DB, it was quick and easy to go from hunch to analysis to strategy. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it can also boost the engagement with 140 characters!

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Data visualization: The Datagrids

Grids and tables may not be the most exciting data visualisations in the world, but they are key tools for the data analyst. They are the most used of all the visual options available in BIME, and we’d bet that they are used by every single one of our clients on at least one of their dashboards!

So, as well as introducing cool new visuals such as the sunburst and waterfall, we didn’t want to forget the modest datagrid.

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