Data visualization: The Datagrids

Grids and tables may not be the most exciting data visualisations in the world, but they are key tools for the data analyst. They are the most used of all the visual options available in BIME, and we’d bet that they are used by every single one of our clients on at least one of their dashboards!

So, as well as introducing cool new visuals such as the sunburst and waterfall, we didn’t want to forget the modest datagrid.

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Business Intelligence in 2015: More people sharing insights faster to capture more value and catch epidemics

As cloud services become the ubiquitous, invisible fabric of our private and professional lives, business intelligence (BI) and analytics emerge as the crucial components to make sense of data large and small. According to Rachel Delacour, CEO and co-founder of BIME Analytics, easy-to-use data discovery tools are the equivalent of navigation and mapping services for the data-driven world.

From the rise of social BI and data-driven public health to analytics as the backbone of a drone ecosystem ready to take flight, here are Delacour’s five data predictions for 2015.

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BIME puts Dukan on a diet

The weight loss diet created by Pierre Dukan has become extremely popular in the last 5 years. After best-selling books, the Dukan Diet has moved to the digital environment and created one of the first e-commerce websites at a global level on the topic of weight loss - a website with more than 500,000 unique visitors and 20,000 orders per month. To analyze the increasing amount of data generated online, Dukan chose integrator BI-One for their expertise in BIME and data management.

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