Measure Bowling Montpellier

Having been to the last Measure Camp back in March, we were very much looking forward to returning for its 3rd incarnation.  Again at the Mozilla HQ in London, this time we were back as one of the event's sponsors. MeasureCamp's knowledge-sharing 'unconference' format has proved enormously successful.  So successful, in fact, that each of the ticket releases were snapped up in a matter of minutes and left Pete O'Neil and his co-organisers wondering whether or not to expand and change to a larger venue.  A show of hands at the start of the day revealing that around 50% of the 140 attendees were 'returnees'.

In terms of content, the different sessions again proved varied and ranging in both subject matter and technical ability, offering something for everyone, with the day finishing off in a prize draw and a trip to the local pub for some after-hours refreshment.

Overall, a very successful event indeed, achieved by a dedicated team of organisers with quasi-military style precision.  As for BIME, we will definitely be going to the next one too, assuming we're quick enough to get a ticket!

As a spin-off to the Measure Camp 'brand', Adam (who attended the Measure Camp) was asked if he would be up for joining the growing number of organisers of Measure Bowling!  The idea is a simple one, an evening of bowling and fun enjoyed by the analytics community in different cities all over Europe and beyond (although not the US).  He said 'of course!', of course.  So, this 14 November in Montpellier, Adam is organising the first Measure Bowling in our hometown of Montpellier and everyone is welcome!  If you would like to join Adam and other members of the BIME team, please get in touch to tell him numbers so he can sort out the lanes and various prizes that will be handed out on the night (for reasons yet undecided - best geek t-shirt anyone?).

To learn more visit the Measure Bowling website and we hope to see you there!


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