BIME begins partnership with IT specialists, Acro Soluciones

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We spoke to Sebastián Priolo, I&T Director at Acro Soluciones to find out more.

 Can you provide a brief description of Acro Soluciones?

Acro is dedicated to technological innovation. We accompany the client in their IT processes and transform knowledge into tools. We work mainly in 3 areas: Consulting, Knowledge Management and Custom Development. We work with principally with open source software.  Acro is  based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it provides worldwide services.

What are the key strengths of Acro Soluciones?

We developed a rapid response model allows us to pass from problem to solution in short periods of time. We reuse components and tools leading to target critical problems in changing environments. Our high levels of commitment and openness allow us to adapt to different organizations.

Why did you choose BIME?

BIME seems the best BI tool in the segment. It is well adapted to our working model and allowed us to meet the customer's needs, quickly and with more than affordable costs. We believe it is the best option to interact with other models and developments.