Pervasive Cloud BI - over half of employees in the team have access to BI when SaaS BI is used [REPORT]

Leading research firm Aberdeen Research have been reporting on the growth of SaaS BI for a few years now. Around this time last year we picked up on a paper they published looking at the state of SaaS BI for BI deployment and they have recently released a similar report tracking the emergence of SaaS as a viable option for BI deployments. The research examines how Saas can make BI deployments more pervasive and widespread throughout a company. We have picked out some of the key facts and figures from the report.


The Survey - Data collected from 199 companies using BI in April 2012 - 39 of these companies were using SaaS BI



- Over half of employees have access to BI when SaaS BI is used

As the graph above shows, 20% more of employees have access to BI when SaaS is used compared to just using traditional BI. The report notes that most best-in-class companies had a culture of information sharing and the findings above show that SaaS can help foster this culture. With SaaS BI, dashboards can be built, adapted and shared independently of IT making it easier to disseminate information and findings quickly throughout the team.

- SaaS BI users are 25% more likely to employ managed reporting; are 40% more likely to employ interactive dashboards; and 37% more likely to employ visual data discovery tools.

- BI users using SaaS solutions are 23% more likely to have drill-down capabilities

These last 2 graphics show how SaaS BI puts a lot more power in the end users hands. With high interactivity and richer insights for a wider range of users, end users are able to dig into the data as they please avoiding lengthy delays going back to IT for every new report. Being able to go from summarized data, to then dig down into more detailed data significantly reduces the time-to-decision of the analytics process.


The report supports a few key conclusions. SaaS BI avoids the need for technical IT knowledge with no setup, no servers to maintain and not a line of code to be written. This in turn makes SaaS BI more pervasive in companies, through ease-of-use and the ease-of-share of SaaS BI. Lastly SaaS BI provides a richer experience than traditional BI for end users.

Source (including pictures) : Cloud BI: Analyst, Advocate, Problem-Solver - All in One, Aberdeen Research