47 Business Intelligence Experts You Should Follow On Twitter [LIST]

Twitter is an increasingly important resource to not only remain in the loop, but also to debate the latest developments within a rapidly evolving BI environment (for example this recent Tweet Jam we blogged about). Therefore keeping your Twitter timeline updated with tweets from the big players within BI is important. Lucky for you we are here to help! Although there are some pre-existing BI lists online, we have created a list with only active and informative Tweeters! Just to note, the groups we have put the Tweeters into are quite general and thus many experts, although in one group, may cover several different groups. So here you go:

    Bime HQ Blog!

  1. @wearecloud; We provide the latest news, industry updates and thought leading insight in the BI, SaaS, Cloud and Web Analytics spheres. We also provide contemporary, perceptive and slick data vizualisation example dashboards made using Bime.
  2. The Research Big Guns



  3. @forrester; An independent research company that provides pragmatic and forward thinking advice to global leaders in business and technology
  4. @JamesKobielus; IT Industry analyst. Forrester Research. Data warehousing, advanced analytics, business intelligence
  5. @bevelson; Business Intelligence industry analyst at Forrester Research
  6. Gartner

    Gartner logo

  7. @Gartner_inc; The leading global provider of independent and objective technology related research and advice
  8. @SethGrimes; Analytics industry observer
  9. @merv; IT Industry analyst with Gartner
  10. @bitterer; Gartner Analyst
  11. Ventana Research

    Ventana Research

  12. @dmenningervr; VP & Research Director at Ventana Research covering Analytics, Business Intelligence and Information Management
  13. @marksmithvr; CEO & Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research
  14. Other Researchers

  15. @shawnrog; VP of Research - Business Intelligence at EMA
  16. @NeilRaden; VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research covering analytics and big data
  17. @WiseAnalytics (Lyndsay Wise); BI researcher and analyst
  18. @DanVesset; VP Business Analytics Research, IDC
  19. @jgptec; BI, DWH & Business Performance Management Research Analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC)
  20. News Coverage


  21. @TDWI; The premier source for business intelligence and data warehousing
  22. @BeyeNetwork; BI industry coverage and resources
  23. BEye

  24. @IWenterprise; News and trends in enterprise software including BI
  25. @itbusinessedge; Technology Intelligence Agent
  26. @binewswire; BI, Cloud Computing and Analytic Software Information
  27. @businessobjects; News, updates and conversations on Business Analytics
  28. BI News Wire logo

    Industry Analysts and Consultants

  29. @CurtMonash; Industry analyst. Consultant. Blogger
  30. @Claudia_Imhoff; Consultant and analyst for BI and the technical architectures supporting it. Founder of the Boulder BI Brain Trust
  31. @mikeferguson1; Independent analyst & consultant specializing in BI
  32. @anibalgoicochea; BI Consultant and Blogger
  33. BI Scorecard

  34. @steve_dine; BI Consultant and Analyst
  35. @BIScorecard (Cindi Howson); BI analyst and consultant
  36. @marcusborba; BI and performance management consultant
  37. @nieuwbourg; French independent analyst and journalist specialized in BI
  38. @tiffanyheffner; Business Intelligence Resource Manager at Key2 Consulting
  39. @metabrown312; Consultant, speaker and writer who promotes the use of business analytics.
  40. @rpsherman; Data warehousing and business intelligence consulting and training.
  41. Thought Leaders & Bloggers

    BI Thought Leader

  42. @bfinucane; Business intelligence thought leader
  43. @PeterJThomas; Award-winning BI and cultural transformations expert
  44. @howarddresner; Business Intelligence and Performance Management thought leader
  45. @ColinJWhite; Specialist in BI and Business Integration
  46. @brunoaziza; Author, Speaker, focuses on Strategy Execution, Information Management, Analytics and Social Media
  47. @rameshbabua; BI, Analytics, Social Media & Emerging Technology Independent
  48. @eric_kavanagh; Host of The Briefing Room and Information Management's DM Radio; CEO of The Bloor Group
  49. @robinbloor; Blogger and technology analyst
  50. @Stray_Cat; Founder of Straysoft Start-Up, 14+ years experience in BI
  51. @dcunni; Blogger, interested in SaaS BI, Analytics and Cloud Computing
  52. Dashboard Insight logo

  53. @BI_Dashboards; A comprehensive, online resource that promotes the BI, data visualization and dashboard software communities
  54. @SmartDataCo; Blog Network for BI and data pros
  55. @darenasc; Blogger and BI fan
  56. @VishAgashe; Passionate about BI, DQ, EIM, Analytics, SocialMedia, Networking
  57. @rajasekarn; Founder of Business Intelligence Professionals Linkedin Network and BI consultant.

It's obviously impossible for us to know of everyone! Is there anyone else you think should be on the list? Please suggest them in the comments below and if they fit the bill, we'd be happy to add them to our list!